11 High Calorie Food Items for Babies

High calorie food helps in increasing the weight of the baby, if your baby’s weight is not increasing by age, then Pediatricians can suggest you include some healthy and High-calorie-rich food items in your baby’s diet. But this does not mean that you include foods that contain too many calories in your child’s diet.

A child needs a balanced diet so that his physical and mental development continues. This means that if you include calorie-rich foods in your baby’s diet, then make sure that they contain good calories. Now if you are thinking about which foods should be included in the diet of a child to gain weight, then you should read this article completely for it.


As a new mother, you will want to feed your child a diet rich in nutrients and high calories so that her energy levels are maintained and her minerals are taken as per the daily requirement of her body. Constant development in children is why it is very important to feed them a good meal on time. Children should be fed about 430 and 844 calories daily according to their age, size, and gender.

For the initial 6 months after birth, only breastmilk and formula milk are given to children for nutrition. Only then a child begins to be given solid food in the form of puree or mashed mixture.

The following are healthy and nutritious food items for children, let us know;



It is also right to feed curd with mother’s milk to a child older than 6 months. Mixing fruit and multigrain serial in 100 grams of yogurt gives about 100 calories. Do not use fat-free yogurt as it will provide fewer calories.


Boiled lentils have too much protein and high calories. You mix it in rice and ghee and feed it to the child. The nutritional pulse is digested quickly and it also fills the stomach.

Egg yolk

Eggs are also rich in calories and protein which can be cooked with vegetable puree or rice. Egg yolk not only provides nutrition to the child but also has the necessary minerals that help in increasing the weight of the baby. However, the baby should not be fed eggs for the first 8 months. After 8 months, you can feed her 3 to 4 times a week.



Avocado is full of good fat and high-calorie minerals, such as potassium, folate, and vitamins ‘E’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘K’. All these things are good for the health of the child and feed them in the form of mashed or puree or mixed in formula milk. Avocado can be fed to the baby along with other fruits, such as bananas. There are 46 calories in about 4 cups of avocado.


Banana is considered a heavy fruit for many reasons. Along with its good taste, it also contains calcium and carbs, which give energy. This is very important especially for children. Feed the baby by mashing bananas in the porridge or serial. You can also make a milkshake by mixing bananas in formula milk.

Creamy Peanut Butter

Peanut butter also contains a lot of protein which gives energy to children and helps them to gain weight. You can feed it to the baby by spreading it on toast, in a spread and cracker, or by dipping it in a snack. It also makes boring food better. Do not use chunky peanut butter for the child as it may get stuck in his throat and cause irritation.




Nuts, such as cashews and almonds, contain vitamin ‘E’, fats, protein, and carbs. Almonds and walnuts are known to enhance memory. Be sure to include it in your child’s diet. You can mix nuts in a shake or smoothie and give it to the child or mash it and if the baby’s teeth have come, then you can give them to eat just like that. Before adding nuts to the diet, keep in mind that the child should not be allergic to them. Giving too many nuts to the baby may make it difficult to swallow and digest it.


Fish contains essential omega-3 fatty acids which are very important for the growth of the baby. Meat contains a fair amount of nutrition, protein, and fat. You cook the fish and meats properly and feed them to the child. Keep in mind that buy these things from hygienic places and only from reliable brands and sealed packets.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is also a good food item that helps in increasing the weight of the baby. Sweet potato contains beta-carotene and sugar which help in increasing the weight of the child. You boil it and mash it and feed the baby with similar fruit or any other fruit and vegetable. It can also be eaten with soup or milk which makes a tasty and healthy combination.

Wheat Sprouts

Wheat germ i.e. wheat germ has a lot of nutrition and calories. You should also include wheat germ in your child’s regular diet. You can also include it in regular eating, puree, or serial.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruite Vegetable

The most effective and basic foods for children are fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are very important food and should be included in the diet of children. It contains plenty of nutrients and minerals which are very important for the child. Feed the baby by mashing vegetables such as gourd, spinach, carrots, and turnips or making puree. Once the child starts chewing food, fruits, and vegetables, you can give them to eat as a topping or cut into a long shape.

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