Do you know why your veins appear blue?

Our body is like a puzzle that looks very easy and solved, but in reality, it is a much more complicated body & veins. If anyone vein of the body is suppressed incorrectly, then it can become a cause of trouble. We feel like we know our bodies, but we don’t. Many people do not even take care of the small things related to their bodies. You must have seen so many such things in your body which seem normal but the logic behind them is very different.

For example, why does steam come out of the mouth in winter, why do the eyes twitch, or why do the veins appear blue in color? Have you ever tried to think that red blood always comes out when we get hurt, peeled, cut, but our veins look either blue or some shade of green. Have you ever tried to know what is the reason for these veins to appear on the skin?

What is the function of nerves in the body?

Now the first question is that when our blood is red, then why does the color of the veins look blue. Before we answer the question related to the alteration of this color, first let’s talk about what nerves are needed in our body. Nerves are very important for our circulatory system. These are the veins that supply blood to different parts of our body.

All this exchange from the heart to the brain is due to nerves. Blood is pumped from the heart to the arteries and capillaries through the veins and then finally through the veins it goes to other parts of the body.

The color of blood is always red, but what shade of red it will depend on oxygen. This oxygen is present in red blood cells. When you breathe, your blood cells fill with oxygen. Because of this, their color is very dark red. When these are transferred to other parts of the body, there is a loss of oxygen and it is filled with carbon dioxide. Due to this, the color of blood starts turning dark red.

After all, why do veins turn blue?


So far we have understood that the color of the blood present in the veins can be dark red. But why they look blue on the skin is still a mystery. Actually, the reason for this will have to be found in the science related to light. The colors we see are based on the reflection of light. Veins appear blue because blue light is reflected in our eyes.

Blue light does not penetrate as deeply into human tissue as red light does. In such a situation, whatever veins are close to the skin, due to this reflection, they start looking blue.

That is, the veins look blue because the light looks like this in our bodies and in the eyes.

Why is it not good to have more veins?

You must know about varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that appear from the skin and appear raised and swollen. These veins are mostly taut and they also look blue. It is normal to see a few veins and it happens to everyone, but if the veins are unexpectedly visible they can prove to be a sign of some disease or some kind of disorder.

These tell that the walls of the veins are getting thinner and due to this there is more pressure on the veins. In many cases, blood clots also appear in such cases. This can cause many kinds of trouble.

Why do the veins look like this?

  • because of heredity
  • during a women’s menstrual cycle
  • during diseases such as deep vein thrombosis
  • on increasing obesity
  • Fluctuation in blood pressure
  • standing for long periods of time or doing the same type of work
  • because of a drug reaction
  • due to some kind of disease
  • due to some kind of food reaction

If such problems are not taken care of, then they can show some worse symptoms later. For example, swelling in the feet, burning in the feet, joint pain, skin allergy, any kind of wound, bleeding even on a minor injury, etc.

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