How to know if a newborn has drunk enough milk?

Your baby has been drinking milk for a long time, but has the milk he drank fulfilled his needs? How to know if your baby is drinking enough milk? While breastfeeding, it is not known how much milk the newborn baby has drunk. By looking at the symptoms mentioned next, you can understand that your baby is not getting the right amount of milk.

Do new mothers definitely worry that their child has drunk enough milk? Is it not that the child is not getting as much milk as is necessary for his health?


A normal child should urinate six to eight times a day. The color of urine should be clear. Urine should be taken in sufficient quantity. If the child is wearing a diaper, change the diaper and note whether the diaper is heavy or not. If the child is wearing a cloth nappy or nappy, the bedsheet may become wet due to urine passing through the nappy. To know whether the urine of the child is good or not, make sure that the urine should be clear, that is, it should not leave any mark on the white cloth.

  • To find out this, we can know from the urine output of the child, how often the child is urinating, whether the child is getting full milk or not. It is seen to know how often and in what amount the child is urinating in 24 hours. If the child is urinating six to eight times in this way in twenty-four hours, then it should be understood that the child is getting plenty of milk.
  • When you breastfeed your newborn, then your breast looks empty and soft after that, then you should understand that your baby has breastfed well. Also, if you are not feeling any kind of pain during breastfeeding, then it should be understood that your baby is getting a sufficient amount of milk.
  • In the beginning, infants drink at least 8 times their mother’s milk. However, during lactation, you need to pay attention to whether the baby has weaned well or not. When babies are drinking milk, you can clearly hear the sound of milk coming down their throats. Also, if your baby does not cry after drinking milk, then it should be understood that your baby is full.
  • The supply of breast milk in the baby depends on its weight, because a few days after birth, there is a big difference in the baby’s weight. Especially when he is getting his mother’s milk properly. Although the baby may lose some weight after birth, this does not mean that the baby is not getting milk.

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