When and how often to use diapers for your baby in summer

After the arrival of the diapers, half the problem of the parents is over. There is no problem in going out with young children and giving them in someone’s lap. Before the diapers , he used to worry that the child should not be able to potty, and other people were also worried that their clothes might get spoiled. Today we are going to tell you in this blog that when and how often children should use diapers during the summer season.


A newborn’s diaper needs to be changed several times a day as they urinate 20 times more times a day than older children.

One may need to use 8-12 diapers a day – changing diapers is also challenging in the beginning. You have to take care that the diaper you are using is disposable or cloth. There are many different types of cloth nappies available, and they are used in different ways. But once you get used to using them, changing your baby’s nappy will be a game of your left hand. You will get lots of opportunities to practice wearing nappies because initially, you will need to change the baby’s eight to 12 nappies.

When to change diapers and why – Diapers have the power to absorb moisture which is less in clothes. So if it is worn once to the child, then the diaper is changed only after urinating 4 or 5 times. If he is potty, then it is necessary to change it immediately as the child’s soft skin can cause damage. Wet diapers cause many types of skin diseases to the child because urine contains urea, acid and ammonia, etc. which cause itching in the skin. This makes the skin of children red. Whenever the child is wearing a diaper, the mother should keep checking her hands with her back. Some children urinate more at one time. If he has urinated after 2-3 hours, the diaper gets wet quickly and it is necessary to change it quickly

Changing the diaper at night – If the child is put to sleep by wearing diapers at night, it should be checked after every two hours how wet the diaper is. The upper layer of the diaper should always be dry, it comes into contact with the skin only when wet and the baby’s skin becomes red. After that itching, swelling, or the skin becomes red it is called diaper dermatics. Applying emojient cream on light red makes the skin soft and reduces redness as well.

Why it is important to change diapers on time – Wearing wet diapers for too long can also cause fungal infarction. The pediatrician should be contacted if this infection lasts for more days. There is no benefit to such infection from regular talcum powder. The different diaper powder contains corn starch, which has a higher adsorption capacity. If this powder is burnt before wearing a diaper, then the skin remains dry and soft. You can also apply antifungal powder. This may reduce fungal infarction. One of your suggestions can make our next blog even better, so please comment, if you are satisfied with the information given in the blog then do share with other parents.

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